“Tammi Jean” born Tamara Jean Lewis. Is a Hip-Hop recording artist, Writer, Actress and Model from the (Uptown) section of Philadelphia. Formally known to most as Lady Merk. In December of 2017, then Lady Merk made a conscious decision to reinvent herself by letting go of a name she felt no longer represented her image or her direction in music. Hence the birth of "Tammi Jean". With a long list of accolades and accomplishments checked off of her Bucket List, such as: (Winning Best Female Rapper) at the 2016 Philly Hip-Hop Awards. Rapping for 1 of her favorite rappers "DMX". Getting a major Co-sign from “50 Cent” as well as legendary R&B Bad Boy recording artist “Carl Thomas” Who said “You remind me of Jay Z when you spit”. Now that meant a lot to TJ due to the fact that Shawn Carter is not only her favorite Rapper... he is her Idol. Moving along to 2018.... TJ grew her social media fan base by gaining the attention of new Hip-Hop lovers with her frequent lyrical excersizes she released on her Instagram. Rapping over old and new industry beats. Showing that she can impress folks with not just her beauty, but her bars are just as impressive if not more!! In July, TJ received an unexpected call from an agent at MTV/TRL who was obviously impressed with some footage of an audition she did with MTV in 2017. Impressed to the point that Tammi was asked to come out again! But this time, rapping in front of “Sway Calloway” & “Lil Kim” was a part of the deal. That performance aired on the 17th of July and increased her following some more. Which brings us to the current date.... Tammi plans to apply more pressure with the release of her new music, visuals, merch, and much much more!!! There’s a new female MC on the prowl and she will attack if need be, and stop at NOTHING.